About Me


My name is Assya Moussaid, a designer, artisan and humanist from Morocco. Ever since I could remember, I was always passionate about art, in all its forms: Drawing, painting, crafts, poetry, crafts.. anything artistic takes my breath away.  I have been blessed with parents that are both creative, artistic, passionate and altruistic. That melange has been my utmost influence in life, to create art, immerse in the process, and genuinely care for others and the community, in a way that makes Giving Back a passion, and not a trend that embellishes the image of people.

I work closely with artisans, some of them are relatives of mine. Both my parents are Berber Moroccan, my mother from the beautiful southern Tafraout, and my father from the gorgeous middle atlas mountains gem Oum Rabii spring.

Having studied and lived abroad in Canada for more than a decade, had undoubtedly served me in learning more about other cultures, and exposing my mind to an even larger and diverse background on art, a panacea of styles that we consciously or unconsciously pick up to influence some of our work.

My formal education had been in Human Resources Management, Sociology and Advertising Design. I have always felt drawn to Human interactions fields, Justice, but my inner artist ever since I was a toddler eventually prevailed. So after I came back to Morocco three years ago, adjusting and rejecting a very tempting job offer as a Marketing Director, I started my own little business, Le Moroccan Shop, in baby steps.

I draw, design, sew my creations. I work with leather, aloe silk, clay, fabric and more! and as I type this, I sigh, and tell you that I am lucky to have my hobby as my work, and for  my brainchild to allow me to produce, and enable me to help others. Please check my DO GOOD section.


Many of my customers have become my friends, and I will be happy to connect,and  share knowledge and art with you.  You can Contact  me here.